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Local, Live, and Loud: March 7-20

March 7, 2012 by Adam Price, contributing writer

Thursday, March 8
Tower of Dudes, Dave Lang and the Black Squirrels
The Fort Cafe, $5, 9 pm

Come celebrate International Women’s Day with a tower of dudes. No irony here, purely literal. Purely literal, swampy, washboard, folky-rock goodness.

Friday, March 16
Veviter, Bonehoof, Iceberg Ferg
Logan’s Pub, $14, 9:30 pm

I could go and listen to Veviter, who I’ve never heard before, but I’d rather quote a comment on YouTube about them that speaks volumes: “I just wanna get naked, go swimming with pandas, and drink unicorn blood when I listen to this…”

Friday, March 16
Deckard Cain, Mars and Venus, Krunch Mustard
The Cambie at the Esquimalt Inn, $7, 10pm

Guess you might have to stay awhile and listen! Har-de-har-har, nerd jokes. You gotta take into consideration that Deckard Cain are the last living members of the Horadrim. That’s gotta account for something, right?

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