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Camosun to take part in addiction research studies

May 1, 2012 by Greg Pratt, editor-in-chief

Camosun College recently announced it will be teaming up with LifeRing Canada and the University of Victoria to research self-help support groups in the areas of addiction and substance misuse.

The research study will get the experiences of people that attend LifeRing, who offer self-help groups for people affected by addiction and substance misuse. It’s the first time the organization has done this kind of research; they’ll use it going forward to help improve their services.

Michelle Bass, director and research chair at LifeRing and Camosun instructor, says that Camosun began having discussions with LifeRing about a year ago to plan out the research studies.

“It’s important for LifeRing to build its support groups and organization on evidence-based practices,” she says. “LifeRing is interested in learning more about who uses their services, what aspects of the support services are considered to be helpful or not, and what its members want and need more of.”

Camosun's Michelle Bass is involved in the LifeRing research studies (photo provided).

Bass says that LifeRing is different from other support groups in that it is the only non-Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) support group in B.C. She says that LifeRing emphasizes empowerment and choice instead of the loss of personal control and admission of powerlessness that is found at groups like AA.

“It’s been a wonderful experience for me to be part of an organization from the early stages of its development,” says Bass. “I have personally been very impressed with the process and the many different volunteers who have helped to move it forward.  It is inspiring to see how a community can work together to make a difference.”

The studies will take place over a three-month period; people who have attended or currently attend LifeRing who are interested in participating can email lrstudy@uvic.ca to get a link to the survey (those interested in being interviewed for the study can email Bass at bassm@camosun.bc.ca).

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  1. Thanks for showcasing this important work that Michelle is involved with. There are many life changing stories happening at LifeRing meetings locally.

    If you would like to check one out go to http://www.liferingcanada.org for more information and meetings times and locations.

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