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A message from the Camosun College student society: A new year of advocacy

January 9, 2013 by

Everyone has their own way of welcoming in the new year. Some choose to reflect upon the last year, others rid their homes of clutter, and still others commit to making personal changes that will better their lives. At the Camosun College Student Society, we’re looking ahead and celebrating all the new and exciting experiences the new year will bring.

With a provincial election now only five months away, we will continue registering our students to vote, and we will also be providing voter education. If you have ever wondered what ID you need to bring with you to vote, or who the candidates are in your riding, we can help you figure that out. Of course we’ll also be discussing election issues, such as funding for postsecondary education, the Enbridge pipeline, and tanker traffic on our coast, poverty, and more.

We are planning to be involved in the Idle No More movement as much as possible. This powerful movement seeks to honour and fulfill indigenous sovereignty that protects land and water. By working to ensure that the treaties that founded this country are upheld, this movement is a fight for human rights and democracy for all.

On top of all this, student clubs and constituency activities provide many more opportunities for students to become involved on campus. Whatever your new year is going to look like, we hope the student society can help make it a great year.

Happy 2013!

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