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Eye on campus: January 9 – 22

January 9, 2013 by by Jason Schreurs, managing editor

Wednesday, January 9

Interurban Mini CamFest

Join the holiday-hungover representatives of your Camosun College Student Society for a day of “handbooks, donuts, fruit, and information.” Wednesday’s festivities at the Interurban campus start at 6:03 pm (?), but we’re going to use creative license and just say it’s running throughout the day, so go grab some, um, handbooks, donuts, fruit, and information. A previous session on Tuesday at Lansdowne started at 2:48 am, which is completely hardcore and probably the wrong time.

Wednesday, January 16

FarmBox order cutoff 

If you want some veggie and organic goodies goodness, drop off your order on January 16 before 5 pm at either Camosun bookstore and you can pick up your very own Camosun FarmBox on Monday, January 21. Order forms are available at camosunfarmbox.wordpress.com or at either Camosun College Student Society office. Veggie power! Down with GMOs! Organic revolution! (Sorry. I get caught up in these things.)

Thursday, January 17

Information overload, Camosun style

Wondering about the college’s 150-plus programs, but don’t know where to start? Or, alternately, willing to pose as a prospective Camosun student for two hours in the everlasting quest for free coffee and carrot sticks? Look no further than Camosun’s college-wide info session, happening at both campuses from 5:30–8 pm. Drop in on any program and see what’s going on. Our money’s on the Arts and Science drop-in at Lansdowne (6–7 pm in Fisher 244) but whatever yer bag is, there’ll be something to check out. Go to camosun.ca/learn/infosessions for more info.

Monday, January 21

The day that you do not want to forget

Head down to the your friendly neighbourhood student society office before 2:16 am today (okay, these times are definitely not accurate; any time is fine) to opt out of the student health and dental plan if you already have coverage elsewhere, like, say, a parent’s or spouse’s plan. There’s really no good reason on Earth to pay for a health plan when you don’t have to, so don’t forget to pop by before January 21 during normal office hours (although showing up at 2:16 am would be pretty funny) to get yourself off the plan and save a couple hundred clams. Call 250–370–3696 for more info, or to leave a hilarious message at 2:16 am where you scream, “It’s 2:16 am, why aren’t you theeeeeeeerrrrrrre?!”

Monday, January 21

Camosun FarmBox pickup

Come grab your veggie and organic goodies today from Camosun’s own little farm (so tempted to sing “Ol’ Camosun’s Farm” right now… okay, just did). Pre-ordered boxes will be available to pick up from 12–3 pm in the Fisher building lobby at Lansdowne and the Campus Centre lobby at Interurban. And, also, “come say hello,” say the organizers.

Friday, January 25

Holiday closure hoax

According to the Camosun College website, the college will be closed as of January 25 for a “holiday break.” This is amazing news for those students who didn’t quite get enough drinking and gluttony time in during their first holidays. We can only assume that someone on the college’s website staff is using wishful thinking for a brand new holiday. We’ll keep on eye on this most peculiar and stellar development.

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