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Camosun Chargers golf team aims to improve on last year’s bronze

September 17, 2014 by Jason Schreurs, assistant editor

Camosun College’s 2013 national bronze-medal golfers are aiming their sights even higher this year, according to the team’s coach and players, but first they’re going to have to get past a stalwart team in their own province.

After two tournaments so far this season, the Camosun Chargers men’s golf team sits second behind the University of the Fraser Valley Cascades in provincial rankings. With largely the same team returning from last year’s national bronze-medal run, team coach John Randle says the Chargers should benefit from consistency and another year’s experience.

Grant Maskiewich is optimistic about the Chargers’ upcoming season (photo provided).

“Having played the full schedule last year, they’re a little more calm and relaxed,” says Randle. “We’ll see; in golf you never know what’s going to happen, but so far they’ve stepped up and played well.”

Veteran player and Victoria native Jarred Callbeck will once again lead the Camosun golf team this season. Callbeck had a stellar season last year and racked in numerous PACWEST provincial and CCAA national league awards, including All-Canadian Player and First Team All-Star. He was also busy in the off-season, winning Victoria’s 51st Annual Cedar Hill Open Men’s Golf Tournament on May 17-18.

“He’s one of the best players in the conference and his playing ability speaks for itself,” says Randle about Callbeck, “but he’s also a leader on the team and he keeps things light; he’s relaxed but he also works hard. So, not only does he walk the walk, but he’s good at talking the talk, too.”

Joining Callbeck this year are returning third-year players Brady Stead (Vernon, BC) and Grant Maskiewich (Smithers, BC), and second-year student-athletes Mike Flegel (Moose Jaw, SK) and Brett De Vries (Kelowna, BC).

Maskiewich, for one, is optimistic about the upcoming season and the team’s chances this year at the nationals.

“I’m feeling good about it and the whole team is back from last year, along with one solid new player,” says Maskiewich. “Our goal is to win the nationals and there’s no reason why this team can’t do it.”

Rookie Scott Merriam, from Cranbook, BC, is the only new Charger for 2014’s golf team, and the enthusiasm of his Chargers teammates seems to have rubbed off on him already.

“It seems like we have a very talented group and I believe we are capable of winning every event during the regular season,” says Merriam. “As for the nationals, I think we have a great chance at taking the gold medal this year.”

The Chargers finished second behind Fraser Valley in their first tournament of the year September 6-7 in Surrey, and second behind the Vancouver Island University Mariners in the second tournament, which took place in Nanaimo on September 13-14.

And while the Camosun players are feeling good about their chances to take it all this year, their coach is being a little more cautious.

“If the guys play up to their potential we have a chance to finish well,” says Randle. “We’ve got almost the same team that finished third in the country last year, so we hope to see a progression and hope that we’ll improve, but at the same time other schools are improving, too. All you can hope is that you have your team playing their best when it comes to nationals.”

Randle says the team has everything they need to be champions: the right attitude, a high skill level, and even the necessary work ethic.

“We have a lot of fun when we play tournaments, so they’re having a good time, but the flipside is they are doing a lot of work to be prepared,” he says. “They’re great kids, they work hard, and they’re very coach-able. So everything’s good. We just have to figure out how to beat Fraser Valley.”

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