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New Music Revue: The Glorious Sons provide some glorious rock

October 15, 2014 by Rebecca Davies, contributing writer


The Glorious Sons
The Union
(Blackbox Recordings)

The Glorious Sons hold true to their name on their second album, The Union. These Kingston, ON boys know how to rock and get listeners’ hips moving.

I can imagine this band playing at a music festival; if they sound as good live as they do on this album, I would bet they put on an awesome show.

From the first few riffs of the opening song, “Man Made Man,” I was hooked. The album is filled with party songs and their upbeat rhythms are addicting.

The lead singer, Brett Emmons, belts out interesting and relatable lyrics in a way that, at times, reminds me of an ’80s Billy Idol.

There are a few surprises on The Union. The uplifting “Lightning” leans more towards pop-rock, instead of maintaining the grungy sounds of the previous songs. “Amigos” also stands out on its own, being a slow piano-accompanied ballad.

I’ll be keeping these guys on my radar.

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