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Bite Me: Logan’s drunch perfect for post-partying eats

October 29, 2014 by Megan Dunn, contributing writer

One of my favourite meals is the weekend brunch, especially after a night of dancing. And while I’ve never experienced the nightlife of Logan’s Pub, it’s my go-to place for the required “drunch.”

What is drunch, you ask? It’s between breakfast and brunch after a night of fun, and you might just be in last night’s clothes if the night was particularly wild.

Logan’s Pub is located at 1821 Cook St. It’s not a trendy, hipster-style brunch spot; it’s a dive bar that serves brunch only on the weekend, from 11 am to 3 pm, and smells of stale beer. Not selling you yet?

Bite Me is our regular food column (photo by Megan Dunn/Nexus).

Well, you won’t be standing in line for 45 minutes developing the awful feeling of “hangry” if you go to Logan’s. It has quick, friendly service and the best hollandaise sauce in town.

The brunch menu is as simple as it gets: four eggs Benny choices and five other choices, as well as, like I said, the best damn hollandaise sauce in town. One of the eggs Bennies is served on a grilled cheese sandwich instead of an English muffin. I highly recommend it.

Logan’s also has a vegan option, too: the tofu scramble, made with organic local tofu with onions, garlic, bell peppers, mushrooms, and kale. Even if you aren’t living a vegan lifestyle, it’s worth trying.

I usually have the Beattie’s Bunwich with two free-range eggs, cheddar, bacon or sausage, and chipotle mayo, with hashbrowns and a large side of hollandaise sauce. It’s more than enough food to fill you up and send you on your way for a relaxing afternoon (and maybe even a shower and change of clothes).

There are lots of reasons to love drunch at Logan’s: the portions are huge, there’s no lineup, it’s inexpensive, and the food is good.

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