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Booze Clues: Spinning Veneto’s wheel

October 29, 2014 by Andrea Valentine-Lewis, contributing writer

I had only visited Veneto Tapa Lounge once before this past weekend, when I enjoyed a few glasses of Prosecco (which they have on tap). This time, however, I decided to taste a few of Veneto’s signature and customized cocktails.

I must admit that I’m a beer drinker, wine drinker, and vodka/gin drinker. I’m not a bourbon-on-the-rocks gal, so bear with me.

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I began with a very safe choice. I went with Veneto’s Spin the Wheel cocktail program, where you choose a base spirit and a flavour profile (for example, sweet, tart, savoury, bitter, or a combination). The bartender then creates a beverage on the spot.

Being a typical girly girl, I chose vodka with a sweet/tart flavour. As would be expected, it was delicious. The only flaw in this cocktail program is that if I went back another time to drink that exact drink, it wouldn’t be on the menu.

Next up, I decided to step out of my sugary sweet (and tart) comfort zone and ordered a popular drink called A Good Book, which features Hennessey cognac, Cointreau, and root beer concentrate. All I can say is “wowee!” and not in a good way. I think for a bourbon-on-the-rocks person, this would be killer. For me, the only good quality is that I was able to sip it very slowly.

I felt like there were too many options on the Veneto menu. I strongly believe that if there are too many options on any menu, be it alcohol or food, the establishment is insecure about its products and trying to please too many people.

Overall, I give Veneto three shots out of five.

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