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Latest Buck 65 album a product of troubled marriage

October 29, 2014 by Megan Dunn, contributing writer

Richard Terfry, better known by stage name Buck 65, didn’t take the release of his new album lightly. Terfry’s latest, NeverLove, is a very personal account of his recent divorce.

Terfry is one of the most innovative figures in the Canadian music scene and Buck 65 is a one-man band with a reputation of having a unique sound; it’s a delightful infusion of electronic, country, and hip hop music.

While making NeverLove, Terfry had moments of hesitation in going forward with releasing the album because of the honesty of his vulnerability.

Buck 65’s new album was born out of personal turmoil (photo provided).

Buck talked openly with his ex-wife and his friends about the details and the inspiration behind the album. After sharing the album with them, he decided to share it with the world.

“When I was making the album I was totally acting on some sort of survival instinct,” he says. “But when it came time to consider sharing the songs with the world, I was hesitant, for sure. I didn’t even think about that until way later. I just wrote and recorded when I had no one to talk to. After talking about it with my ex-wife and friends, I decided to share it. I figure I’m not the only one to have gone through something like that. So hopefully people will be able to relate on some level.”

NeverLove has a darker sound than other albums that Terfry has released, but it’s not without its own kind of beauty, best seen on a track like “Only War.”

The song is an account of how relationships can change in marriage, going from two people being in love with each other to being at war with each other, with the love dissolving.

Terfry says his current favourite tracks on NeverLove are “She Fades” and “Danger and Play.”

“I really challenged myself with ‘She Fades.’ It’s such a weird piece of music; it’s a weird beauty and I’ve never heard anything else like it. And I think ‘Danger and Play’ is beautiful. It came out just as I heard it in my head. For the outro of the song, I wanted it to sound like wind, and I kind of did it,” he says.

Terfry is known for being very interactive with his fans through social media and recognizes that it’s a valuable part of his job as an artist.

“I learn a lot of valuable things from the audience by interacting with them,” he says. “I work hard at it and I’ve seen my audience grow. I make sure I post every day and I make an effort to respond to everyone.”

Victoria is the first stop for Buck 65’s Canadian tour. Terfry is no stranger to our town and has many fond memories from performing here.

“I was mooned by a lady at a show in Victoria once. She bent deep at the waist, so it was pretty… detailed,” he says. “I supported De La Soul here once; that’s always a thrill. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad show in Victoria. Knock on wood.”

Buck 65
Thursday, November 6 and Friday, November 7
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