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Camosun College Student Society elections bring in fresh faces and new enthusiasm

November 26, 2014 by Sera Down, contributing writer

Students recently participated in the Camosun College Student Society (CCSS) elections, voting for fellow students to represent their needs and concerns on October 29 and 30.

In total, 348 students handed in their ballots, which is a turnout consistent with previous CCSS elections.

CCSS external executive Rachael Grant is ready to welcome the renewed energy of her new and returning board members.

“It’s exciting to see turnover within the student society board,” says Grant. “For students, this means new ideas and energy, all with the intention of making a difference in the quality of student life, both on campus and in the community. It’s a right for every student to have a say in who’s representing them.”

Camosun College Student Society external executive Rachael Grant (file photo).

Returning board member and First Nations director Shayli Robinson has ambitious plans for Indigenous students on both Lansdowne and Interurban campuses.

Along with “Crafternoons” (weekly at Lansdowne and bi-weekly at Interurban) to provide a safe and creative environment for Indigenous staff and students, Robinson also plans to head Canadian Federation of Students initiatives at Camosun, such as distributing Where’s the Justice? postcards and partnering with UVic for the Stolen Sisters march.

“My primary duty is answering to Aboriginal students’ needs and concerns, “says Robinson, adding that she’s excited to continue her work from her previous term. Go to for more information about the First Nations Student Association.

Travis Moore is Camosun’s new Pride director. Increasing awareness for LGBT2IQ-related issues and creating a comfortable environment on campus for members of the LGBT2IQ community is Moore’s objective, as well as creating an educated, compassionate, flexible, and fun learning environment for students, he says.

“We continue to face discriminatory practice, and I want to try and educate our community in hopes of eliminating the stereotypes and harassment that we face today,” says Moore.

Moore’s priorities during this term are initiatives to end the blood ban on LGBT men, push for universal washrooms for non-cisgender students, and to promote safe-sex education.

“I feel confident in my ability to represent and support the needs, concerns, and interests of LGBT2IQ in our community,” says Moore.

Moore urges students to attend Pride Collective meetings; visit the Pride Lounge in the Richmond Building on Lansdowne campus, or check out the Pride Facebook page at for more information.

Vishal Pandey was elected in as international student director. While ESL and funding issues will be the primary focus carrying over from last term, Pandey (who is also a Nexus columnist) hopes to bridge the divide between international and domestic students by organizing workshops and campus events while building strong and transparent representation within the CCSS.

Pandey commends students who took the time to vote in the CCSS election.

“If you’re not willing to select a representative, they won’t just appear out of nowhere,” says Pandey. “The manifestos at the back of the election post helped students make informed decisions, and students were great this election.”

Students can find information about international programs and international student assistance through Camosun College’s official website and at

The newly elected members have already started organizing events, starting with Trans Remembrance Day on Thursday, November 20 to commemorate those killed or lost to suicide because of their gender identity.

Other representatives elected this year are new CCSS Lansdowne directors Hyun Kee Lee and Adrian MacLaren, Interurban directors Michael Chaves and Lei Lei (Bingke Sun), and Mary Rickinson as off-campus director. (Rickinson represents Camosun students at programs that aren’t at Lansdowne or Interurban, such as students at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.)

Students can find out more about the Camosun College Student Society at

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