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New Music Revue: Vogue Dots get dreamy with their pop

November 26, 2014 by Josh Traill, contributing writer

Vogue Dots
(Indica Records)

Mauka is the latest EP release from Vogue Dots, a dream pop duo hailing from New Brunswick.

Right from the start, I found myself being consumed with this release.

“Way with Silence,” the first track from the record, sounds like drowning in electronic bliss.  It’s a really great track, and I just couldn’t help but play it over and over again.

Singer Babette Hayward’s voice seems to float effortlessly over the sea of synths that fill up each song.

The rest of the cuts on this four-song EP get more experimental but never breach on the inaccessible. Where this record really captivates isn’t in the lyrics; it’s in the ambience.

This is an EP that feels like an album: it’s consistent, but never boring, and at the end of it, it feels like you listened to an album and not just a string of four songs.

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