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News Briefs: Camosun department changes name, Capstone Event shows off hard work, grants offered for adult upgrading courses

January 7, 2015 by Erin Blondeau, contributing writer

Ancillary Services changes name to Campus Community Services

Camosun College’s Department of Ancillary Services will be changing its name to Campus Community Services to better reflect its department. Campus Community Services includes departments such as Food Services, Child Care, Bookstore, Print and Graphic Services, Co-operative Education and Student Employment, Parking, and more.

Third-year Camosun Chargers forward James Giuffre during the team's home opener on November 14 (photo by Kevin Light).

Third-year Camosun Chargers forward James Giuffre during the team’s home opener on November 14 (photo by Kevin Light).

Chargers to go head-to-head with VIU Mariners

Camosun’s Chargers student-athletes will be gearing up for the second half of the basketball season, with 14 games between January 9 and February 28 during the PACWEST Playoffs. Women’s basketball head coach Carl Macdonald says his team will be adding new dimensions to their offense, as well as working on the defense. The Chargers resume conference competition on Friday, January 9 as they go up against the undefeated rival team the VIU Mariners. Women play at Interurban’s Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence at 6 pm and men play at 8 pm.

Capstone Event shows innovation from Camosun

Camosun College’s annual Capstone Event took place on December 5 and showcased several projects created by graduating students of the Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology program. The projects included a portable solar power station, smart-lock system, guitar auto tuner, weather-survey drone, and more. The projects represented the hard work done by students over the previous three months.

Grants to support those enrolled in adult upgrading courses

Low-income students may be eligible for non-repayable grants that will be available for adult upgrading courses, including ESL. Starting in April, the budget for grants will increase 33 percent due to a budget cut beginning on January 1 to high-school graduates looking to enroll in adult upgrading courses. This gives students who are 10 percent above the income threshold a chance at receiving the grant. For more information, call the Ministry of Education at 250-356-5963.

Hindus call for recognition of holy day Diwali

Hindus across Canada are calling for recognition of Diwali, the festival of lights, as a university-wide holiday. Diwali is the most popular Hindu holy day, aimed at dispelling darkness and lighting up lives, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. President of Universal Society of Hinduism Rajan Zed said in a press release that Hindus should have the right to take a day off to observe Diwali, just as universities have declared other religious holidays.

Victoria’s inequality in the 1950s 

Angel Hair is a novel by author Margot Griffiths that explores inequality in Victoria in the 1950s and 1960s, before the rise of feminism. Griffiths’ novel tells tales of love, friendship, betrayal, and family secrets, giving insight into how Victoria was for women in the ’50s. For more information on Angel Hair go to

Submit short film and win $35,000

A chance to win $35,000 is being offered as a short-film pitch contest, held by the Victoria Film Festival in Partnership with Bell Media’s BravoFact, as a part of the 2015 Festival’s Springboard industry programming. Shortlisted competitors will be required to present their pitch in public and to a panel of judges. The BravoFACT VFF Pitch Contest will take place on Friday, February 6 at 4 pm at the Parkside Resort Theatre. Applicants must send their submissions to by 5 pm on Friday, January 16. Visit and click on Events for more info.

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