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The Prodigal Planeswalker: Where the Magic happens

January 21, 2015 by Andy Chen, Camosun College Magic: The Gathering Club

Welcome to Magic: The Gathering Club, a community of Camosun students on a quest to learn and play the beloved fantasy trading card game (TCG) that has wowed players since 1993 and now has a player-base of 12 million people worldwide.

The first thing you might ask yourself is this: what is the appeal of Magic: The Gathering over a tabletop game like Settlers of Catan?

An often-disquieting aspect of tabletop gaming is that usually one person takes on the initial investment of buying the game, learning all the rules of gameplay, and hosting the gathering.

The Prodigal Planeswalker is the column of the Camosun College Magic: The Gathering Club (image provided).


With TCGs, however, everyone simply agrees to bring their 60-card decks and some dice and meet up casually to duel their decks. The greater the pool of players, the more exciting the possible interactions.

In January, our Camosun club will be handing out Magic starter decks to new members.

These pre-constructed 30-card decks help instruct on the basics of gameplay.

Those who enjoy building decks of cards have access to the club’s loot box, a collection of free cards for members to pick from.

Just a little curious? Come find us at 1-4 pm on Fridays in Young 220, Lansdowne.

Happy duelling!

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