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Age of Geeks: Handy apps for improving studies

February 4, 2015 by Vishal Pandey, contributing writer

In this age of technology and everyone having a smartphone, nothing is too much work. Countless apps are available to do everything from taking notes in class to buying cheap books online. As long as you’ve got a smartphone and a few bucks, here are a few apps to ace, or at least pass, every exam this semester.

Age of Geeks is our regular tech column (file photo).

Age of Geeks is our regular tech column (file photo).


Note-taking in classes is great, but if your hand starts hurting after all that writing, ShareYourBoard promises peace. Just take a picture of any whiteboard and it will adjust the white balance to give a crystal-clear snapshot of the lesson. Not enough? It’s also free for Android phones!


It won’t get you an A in every class, but it will definitely help you manage your time better. IStudiezPro allows users to input class schedules and homework into a built-in planner, then alerts them of approaching deadlines, keeps track of grades, organizes extracurricular schedules, and counts down to the next class. The app costs $2.99 for iPhone.

Amazon Student

We all know how expensive college textbooks can be. This app will definitely keep your wallet healthy and within budget. Snap a photo of a textbook’s barcode and the app will tell you how and where to get it cheaper. Besides that, you can sell back your old used textbooks in exchange for Amazon gift cards. And if you’ve got an iPad, you can also eliminate the textbook entirely by browsing through Apple’s iBooks 2 store, where you can find cheaper digitized versions of the same books. However, iBooks do vary in cost; many of them are around $15. This app is free for Android and iPhone.


Alcohol and bitterness; it’s a toxic combo when technology comes into play, and that’s the reason Textalyzer is booming: to prevent people from messaging their ex when they are drunk after all those shots and pints. Users need to enter their “forbidden list,” which contains the list of people added to your contacts every time you’re drunk. The app has built-in memory and concentration tests, which users need to complete if they want to unlock the list and make some bad decisions. It’s the sober babysitter we definitely sometimes need.

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