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The Prodigal Planeswalker: Magic club receives generous donation

February 4, 2015 by Andy Chen, Camosun College Magic: the Gathering Club

Where there’s a community, there’s often a noble benefactor who wants to see fellow planeswalkers thrive. One such member gifted Camsoun’s Magic club with the most unexpected surprise of all: a Duel Deck Anthology set. This specially made set was created to help introduce new players to the game while highlighting 20 years of Magic: The Gathering folklore.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if goblins clashed with elves? What if a legion of angels were to collide with a demon’s den? Who will triumph in the end?

Camosun's Magic club with their new deck (photo by Travis Morris).

Members of Camosun’s Magic club with their new deck (photo by Travis Morris).

Other powerhouse decks highlight the story of the planeswalkers. In Magic arcana, they are ethereal beings that have ascended beyond their mortal coil to become godlike creatures with the ability to traverse other planes of existence.

The notion of walking the planes is key to the canon for which the Magic universe was built: it’s a clash of the titans. Some work to free their domain; others try to enslave through overt or devious ways.

Often, when planeswalkers clash, the plane acts as the battleground while the inhabitants are the fodder. The rippling effects can cause rifts through time and space that rewrite history, thereby redefining the character of entire races.

Whether or not you are drawn to the game’s rich storytelling or the incredible artwork, Camosun’s Magic club is ultimately a community defining its own place in the college’s landscape.

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