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New Music Revue: Sylvan’s Home hard to sit through

February 18, 2015 by Rebecca Davies, contributing writer


(Gentle Art of Music/E1)

I’ll be honest: I found Home, the 11th release by German band Sylvan, difficult to get through.

It was promising enough, with intricate instrumentals that were somewhere between classical music and Euro-rock, but the lyrics filled with teenage angst were depressing.

Then you combine those lyrics with the deep, haunting voice of Marco Gluhmann, and the product is an album my 14-year-old self would be eager to listen to on repeat.

Sylvan has created a detailed storyline of a girl unable to find her true home in a hostile world of instability, battling with herself over what decisions to make once her truth is found. Although the premise sounds intriguing, the execution results in a confusing medley of different genres crammed together, and unfortunately the original message is lost.

Maybe Sylvan should consider venturing over to performance art and playwriting, as their ideas seem too grand to be limited to just music as a medium.

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