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News Briefs: February 18, 2015 issue

February 18, 2015 by Erin Blondeau, contributing writer

Chargers volleyball kicks February butt

Camosun Chargers volleyball teams took on the Douglas Royals on the January 30-31 weekend. The Chargers women marked their sixth consecutive win, allowing the Chargers to claim the top spot and third in national rankings. Chargers men’s volleyball saw mixed scores over the weekend, with Douglas taking Friday’s win and Camosun snatching Saturday’s win. The winning continued to the February 6-7 games, with the Chargers women capturing their seventh victory with scores of 3-0 (Friday) and 3-0 (Saturday) against Capilano. Men’s volleyball also celebrated a win with 3-1 (Friday) and 3-1 (Saturday). On Saturday, Febuary 14, the women’s team defeated the College of the Rockies Avalanche at PISE 3-0, while the men’s also defeated the Avalanche 3-0. The next night, the women’s team won with another 3-0, and the men also were victorious with a 3-1 final score. As of press time, the women’s volleyball team were ranked first in the PACWEST standings, and the men’s team were at third.

Mixed wins for Chargers basketball

The January 30-31 weekend had mixed results from the Chargers basketball men’s and women’s teams. Both faced off against the CBC Bearcats and Kwantlen Eagles. The women suffered two losses; the men gained two wins. Both teams were number five in the PACWEST standings with a record of 6-8. Chargers women’s basketball went up against the Langara Falcons on February 6 and captured a big win, 67-45. The men’s basketball fell short by the buzzer and ultimately lost to the Falcons, 76-57. In the February 7 game, Chargers women suffered a loss of 61-38 against the Douglas Royals. Chargers men went head-to-head with the Royals, taking the game into overtime but ultimately losing 84-74. On Saturday, Febuary 14, the women’s team lost 52-39 to the Vancouver Island University Mariners and the men’s team lost 87-62 to the Mariners. As of press team, the men’s team ranked fifth in the PACWEST standings, and the women’s team were also at fifth.

Camosun Charger Hassan Phills (photo provided).

Camosun Charger Hassan Phills (photo provided).

Hassan Phills earns Athlete of the Week

Camosun basketball player Hassan Phills earned the PACWEST Men’s Basketball Athlete of the Week for his outstanding performances on the January 30-31 weekend. Phills played an energized game on Friday against CBC, making wise decisions while remaining conscious of the team’s offensive and defensive system. Over the weekend, Phills produced a 78 field goal percentage.

Volleyball athlete of the week

The Camosun Chargers have earned yet another Athlete of the Week. Engineering student Alex Sadowski takes home the PACWEST Men’s Volleyball Athlete of the Week award. Sadowski is no stranger to awards: throughout his time with the Chargers he has earned many different awards, including Rookie of the Year.

Camosun’s dental health clinic open

Teeth a bit yellow? Feeling a bit broke? Don’t sweat it: children and adults are encouraged to take advantage of Camosun’s dental health clinic services, which are available to clients of all ages and incomes. The clinic’s Dental Hygiene students are known for their professional and exceptional level of service. Visit or email for info.

BC ignores adult learners’ crisis

Adult students and new Canadians will be facing hundreds of dollars in educational fees for programs that were once free. The BC government’s recent throne speech disappointed many students that did not address the financial crisis that many students will face, according to the Canadian Federation of Students-BC (CFS-BC). “There is no pride in a budget balanced on the backs of those most in need,” CFS-BC chairperson Zachary Crispin said in a press release. “The BC Liberal government has missed an opportunity to make education more accessible, an important part of any jobs plan.” extends help to midnight is a safe place for youth under the age of 30 to vent any problem, big or small, to a group of trained professionals. Youthspace has extended their availability, offering their chat services until midnight every night of the week. Visit for more information.

Music Heals donates

Music Heals will be contributing a large investment to music therapy on Vancouver Island. Donations have totalled more than $27,000 for music therapy programs throughout Victoria, Comox Valley, and Qualicum. Music Heals Charitable Foundation is an organization that seeks to raise awareness of the healing powers of music. The organization has donated $250,000 to music therapy programs in their first two years of operation.

Isobel Trigger remixin’

Isobel Trigger is a Victoria-based band that’s giving DJs an opportunity to remix their track “Champion.” DJs have until March 4 to submit their best work. The top 10 submissions will be released on March 11 on Isobel Trigger’s social media. Visit to find out more.

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