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20 Years Ago In Nexus: March 4, 2015 issue

March 4, 2015 by Greg Pratt, managing editor

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Stinky situation: It’s a news story from 20 years ago that mirrors complaints island residents still have today: our March 6, 1995 issue talked about how Interurban students had been smelling something stinky in the air recently. “Mr. MacNutt, across the street, has a compost business where he mixes topsoil with animal wastes; depending on which way the wind is blowing it can be pretty overpowering,” said Wally Schmidt, who was then with Camosun’s physical resource department. Shitty.

Rage against bad driving: This issue’s Speak Up asked students what their favourite stress relievers were. Mark Swain said that for him it was “listening to Rage Against the Machine real loud while driving crazy in my truck.” So that’s why the roads seemed unsafe in ’95!

Poop… just poop: Letter-writer Magnus McElroy wrote in to Nexus in this issue to voice his concerns that he felt discriminated against as a man: “The harassment guidelines I’ve seen have always depicted women being victimized by men,” he explained while talking about Camosun’s handbook. “I fail to see how equality can be achieved by editing words to eliminate roots that imply something else,” he wrote. McElroy illustrated his point by adding that “Grey Poupon doesn’t have poop in it.”

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One Response to “20 Years Ago In Nexus: March 4, 2015 issue”
  1. Magnus says:

    Wow, that was such a long time ago. I’m glad I’ve grown as a person since then.