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Uno Fest brings home serious performing talent

May 13, 2015 by Josh Traill, contributing writer

Until May 24, Intrepid Theatre will be home to 15 different performers from all over the world at this year’s Uno Fest.

The fest is made up of solo performances that explore all different forms of art, which includes everything from circus acts and stand-up comedy to live film creation.

“Whether you like stand-up, intense drama, or even circus acts, it’s all there and you’re bound to have a great time,” says Uno Fest producer Janet Munsil, who has been with the festival since its creation 18 years ago. “It’s really an amazing show and the reception has been great so far. These shows are created by the performers, which makes for such a multitalented production.”

The casting for Uno Fest is quite rigorous, and event producers consider over 100 solo performers to be featured in the festival.

“The good stuff rises to the top,” says Munsil, who was part of the casting process. “We really have some amazing performers this year.”

Stephanie Morin-Robert’s Me, Myself & Eye is just one of many diverse performances at this year’s Uno Fest (photo by Tristan Brand).

Stephanie Morin-Robert’s Me, Myself & Eye is just one of many diverse performances at this year’s Uno Fest (photo by Tristan Brand).

Victoria local Sharon Mahoney will be performing her new stand-up comedy act, The Lion, the Bitch and the Wardrobe.

“The show is a one-woman show about her battle with anxiety,” says Mahoney. “It’s a variation of stand-up and character studies.”

Mahoney drew inspiration for the sketch from her own anxiety issues, hoping to connect with people who deal with the same problems.

“Anxiety confronts me like a big angry lion,” says Mahoney. “I really wanted to make a comedy routine based around this idea that would also raise issues of mental health.”

Solo performances can be incredibly stressful; Sharon really wanted to confront this fear on stage.

“The nature of the profession used to create a lot of stress for me and that’s why I think this performance is such a personal one for me,” says Mahoney. “I’m really proud of it.”

And if this all sounds good (circus acts!) but the student budget is a bit tight, just consider this: certain performances at Uno Fest will be offered on a pay-what-you-want basis.

“We hope that the donation aspect of certain performances will benefit students the most,” says Munsil. “We really want the community to come out to the theatre and see the shows.”

Uno Fest
Until May 24
Various prices, Intrepid Theatre

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