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New Music Revue: Husky use Australian suburbs for powerful inspiration on Rucker’s Hill

June 25, 2015 by Sera Down, contributing writer


Rucker’s Hill
(Nevado Music)

Inspired by Australian suburbia, Rucker’s Hill is a tempestuous indie-rock EP that will tug your heartstrings. Upbeat vocals with a hint of melancholy drive abstract chord progressions, reminding one immediately of The Shins, with nostalgic and bittersweet lyrics similar to Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.

The album is refreshingly honest in a sea of budding indie bands riding on the coattails of bands like the aforementioned Shins. The influence is unmistakeable, yet Rucker’s Hill provides an experience entirely separate from those that came before them. The title track plays like a lullaby, easing listeners into more upbeat tracks such as “Heartbeat.”

If you, like myself, have become disillusioned with willowy-voiced indie rock, you’ll appreciate the familiar yet unique ruminations of Husky’s suburban indie-rock sound. Whether you are feeling complacent, sad, elated, or nostalgic, this album certainly deserves a place on your regular playlist.

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