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No Sinner ignore the negativity and return to rock the shores

July 17, 2015 by Jessica Williamson, contributing writer

Colleen Rennison, vocalist of Vancouver rockers No Sinner, says that being a musician is pretty wild, so it makes sense that people who have personalities that aren’t exactly moderate end up in this line of work.

“I’m either trying to save the day or absolutely destroying it,” says Rennison. “It feels like that’s just the nature of my life.”

Rennison, who was raised in Vancouver, started out in acting and musical theatre, appearing in several films. She also won a Gemini Award for her role in the 2000 drama short A Feeling Called Glory. Her tough-girl attitude helped her pave a unique route and prevented her from having the same life arc as other 27-year-olds she knows.

No Sinner vocalist Colleen Rennison doing what she does best (photo by Amy Ray).

No Sinner vocalist Colleen Rennison doing what she does best (photo by Amy Ray).

“You sort of decide that you’re not taking the beaten path,” she says. “I mean, all of my friends that I grew up with got fake boobs and have babies.”

Rennison hasn’t always felt supported when pursuing her main goal of being a musician. But by pressing on and not letting negativity influence her, she stayed dedicated to her goals.

“There are always going to be people out there who will tell you not to chase your dreams and put you down, because maybe they didn’t get to actualize their dreams themselves,” she says. “I think that it’s really important to stay true to yourself and keep your eyes on the prize and not let people sway you from your goal.”

Rennison has spent time in Victoria and on the island; she attended Shawnigan Lake School when she was younger. She says she’s excited to get back to Vancouver Island and play Rock the Shores.

“To play with The Black Keys, I mean, when they first came out, they were a band that really blew my mind and changed my idea of modern music,” she says. “And getting to play on a big stage like that for all these amazing people, on this beautiful chunk of land, I’m just so ecstatic. I can’t wait.”

Having experienced the behind-the-scenes goings-on of the music industry across North America, Rennison knows about the differences between Canadian musicians and musicians from across the border.

“The scene in Canada is a little more tight-knit,” she says. “I know that Canadians have obviously made a huge impact in the States. And we certainly owned the ’90s.”

Difficulties and instability are some of the things that influenced Rennison to write music about the balance of good and evil in life. Dabbling between the sacred and the profane, Rennison stays strong, despite challenges.

“Its always feast or famine for me,” she says. “You know, like you’re either rolling in it and flying high or you’re in the gutter and crawling your way out.”

No Sinner (at Rock the Shores)
Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19
$84.50 per day or $149.50 for weekend pass,
West Shore Parks and Recreation, lower fields

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