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In Search of Lost Time: Consent conversations

September 21, 2015 by Rachael Grant, Camosun College Women’s Center

If you’ve never heard of Laci Green, then, well, we kind of wonder where you’ve been. Green is a popular YouTube vlogger who describes herself as a “sex education activist,” based in the San Francisco Bay Area. And we’re bringing her to town.

Let face it, folks: sex is and always will be cool. The Camosun College Student Society has been an active part of the national No Means No campaign through our membership in the Canadian Federation of Students since 1995. For 20 years we have worked to raise awareness about the realities of rape culture, because as long as sex is on the table (oh, my!), conversations about the importance of practicing consent are crucial.

It’s made painfully clear on a regular basis that the pervasiveness of rape culture is an ongoing and influential force, and campuses across the country are no exception.

Working with our partners at the University of Victoria and the University of Victoria Students’ Society, we are bringing Laci Green to speak about how to end rape culture at the Farquhar Auditorium on September 30. We are also giving away a bunch of free tickets to Camosun students! To win tickets you can enter at either campus, at Campus Centre 111 at Interurban or Fisher 101b at Lansdowne.

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