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Open Space: Nexus is your life on paper

October 26, 2015 by Melanie Didrich, contributing writer

Now 25 years old, Nexus is a small college newspaper that students fund through their student fees (the paper has no official ties to Camosun College, so we can report on college issues without bias). Having this newspaper on campus is an invaluable resource for where you stand, and for finding out how your world is changing as it happens.

A person needs to know where in the world they stand so they can look down the road and make informed decisions. Being informed is how you must be; being ignorant is no longer acceptable.

Nexus brings to light all sorts of topics that are relevant to college life at Camosun. College papers define the student body and the environment in which students live.

This story originally appeared in our October 21, 2015 issue.

And you can get involved! This is your education, your moment, your life, your newspaper. Nexus will listen, encourage you to become a contributor, and run stories that you feel are relevant to students. You just have to know what you want and where you stand; that part isn’t always easy.

What’s that? Printing physical copies of newspapers isn’t exactly the hippest thing to do in 2015? Get in the habit of reading it and get back to us in a few issues. You’re actually holding a part of history in your hands; you’re flipping through the pages to get a better understanding of where you stand in the world as Camosun students. (And it’s not like we’re avoiding the future: head to to read the complete paper, as well as web-exclusive stories).

Nexus will listen to you. It will report to you all of the issues that affect you, such as Camosun policies, how living in poverty really impacts students, and much, much more.

I want you all to take the latest issue of Nexus in your hand and help us celebrate our birthday by giving it a good read. We’ve come a long way since 1990, and so have you (wait, were you even alive in 1990?). Join us now in our journey moving forward into the next 25 years, as we continue to document your present and look ahead to your future.

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