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Stewed rabbits, mermaid hair, and lost U-Passes: Nexus’ 2015

January 6, 2016 by Nexus staff and writers

To help ring in the new year, we gathered a bunch of Nexus writers and picked their brains about what their favourite things of 2015 were. Enjoy!

Pascale Archibald
student editor

1. Jokes from my one-and-a-half-year-old niece

2. My adorable cat, who I rescued in January of this year

3. Finding out my sister’s pregnant again!

4. Starting the Environmental Technology program

5. Joining the Nexus staff

Rebecca Davies
contributing writer

1. Conservatives getting voted out

2: Getting a degree

3: Time spent with family

4: Pretty yarn and good cheese

5: Getting through another year with health, shelter, and food! We should be so thankful.

This story originally appeared in our January 6, 2016 issue.

This story originally appeared in our January 6, 2016 issue.

Jayden Grieve
contributing writer

1. Rick and Morty

2. The 64th year that no one had butchered an attempted film adaptation of Catcher in the Rye

3. I think maybe bell-bottoms for men are coming back into style?

4. Suicide Squad trailer

5. Lack of red stinging jellyfish during the summer

Keagan Hawthorne
contributing writer

1. Finding the perfect apartment

2. The time my cat brought home a rabbit and we stewed it

3. Re-watching all the Hayao Miyazaki films

4. Steven Harper is no longer PM

5. Shortbread cookies

Adam Marsh
student editor

1. The mass destruction of selfie sticks

2. Switching the colour of Donald Trump’s hair dye

3. Nanaimo bars

4. Leonardo DiCaprio chopping off his man bun

5. The talking maple bacon dog on YouTube

Matt O’Connor
contributing writer

1. English 163 field course offered for Camosun students to learn in Ireland

2. Camosun College Student Society Christmas hamper

3. Harper stopped

4. Medical marijuana dispensaries all over Victoria

5. Textbook buy-back money

Natasha Olekshy
contributing writer

1. Justin Trudeau getting elected as prime minister

2. Syrian refugees coming to Canada

3. The Paris climate agreement

4. Mad Max (also known as the best feminist action film ever)

5. Stephen Harper not getting elected as prime minister

Greg Pratt
managing editor

1: The caf inexplicably, awesomely still stocking Hickory Sticks (keep it up!)

2: Propagandhi announcing they’re playing here next year

3: A homemade Christmas gift from my daughter

4: Finding out a certain Camosun dean loves Swedish death metal as much as I do

5: Nexus celebrating 25 years of being the coolest student paper around

Tabitha Ross
contributing writer

1. Justin Trudeau

2. Star Wars!

3. Left shark (from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance)

4. Hotline bling GIFs

5. When the Camosun College Student Society gave out free food at Interurban

Mikayla Russell
contributing writer

1. Discovering eggnog chai lattes

2. Surviving first semester of college

3. Peanut butter cups

4. All the journalistic opportunities I’ve had

5. Managing to only lose my U-Pass once

Nova Sawatzky
contributing writer

1. Being in the Comics & Graphic Novels program at Camosun College

2. Achieving mermaid hair status

3. Creating, self-publishing, and selling my own colouring book

4. Being a bridesmaid in my little sister’s wedding

5. Having four part-time jobs while attending schoolĘand not going insane

Oriana Smy
contributing writer

1. A new government and no more Harper!

2. Eight calves born to the endangered community of the Southern Resident Killer Whales

3. Going back to school after 10 years

4. Climbing the highest peak (Mt. Chirripo, 3820 metres) in Costa Rica before sunrise

5. Volunteering for a sustainable treehouse community

Jessica Wiliamson
contributing writer

1. My parents paying for a cafeteria gift card

2. Justin Trudeau

3. New McDonald’s opening in Colwood

4. Student Price Card discounts

5. Vintage sweaters coming back into style

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