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Open Space: Pick-up artists taking civilization backwards

February 17, 2016 by Jayden Grieve, contributing writer

The advent of pick-up artistry in our culture is a gross step backwards for equality, and for civilization at large.

A pick-up artist is not someone who has bettered themselves so that they may become more attractive to their target. They are a slimy worm, twisting and contorting themselves into whatever false shape will best allow them to squeeze into their chosen hole; they are a person who, when the sheets are finally stained and the veil pulled back, reveals their true gruesome nature.

Deceiving someone into sex is an act of rape. There isn’t really any argument against this; it’s a cold, hard fact, not an opinion. What is really problematic is the general acceptance that this is okay.

This story originally appeared in our February 17, 2016 issue.

This story originally appeared in our February 17, 2016 issue.

Rapists in any other form are social pariahs. How is it that we can allow these people to walk, and, have mercy, encourage their behaviour? If you need proof, just look at pretty much every single alcohol commercial. We can chalk it up to our oversexed society telling all the little girls that they owe men sex and all the little boys that they have to achieve conquest to have any amount of worth. We can tell ourselves that this will change over time, but that is a major cop-out; the difference starts with men and women standing up and refusing to participate in such dirty games.

What it all comes down to is this: it may be true that there are some who are not bothered by this deception, but there are many out there who are, and for those people, being tricked into bed will have a horrific, damaging effect.

How can any person justify that 15 minutes of pleasure is worth psychologically damaging another living, breathing, feeling human being? The narcissism and selfishness of a person who could do that must be an excruciating weight to bear. Or do they feel nothing at all? Are these living, breathing boys and girls just pieces of meat to them?

There is nothing wrong with participating in fun, safe, consensual sex with whomever you choose. Where a problem begins is when pieces of that equation start to be taken away. Tricking people into sleeping with you using psychological tricks and lies does that; it is not okay and has no place in modern society.

If you want people to be with you, try becoming a good person, and stop holding your own baser pleasure above the happiness of others.

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