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25 Years Ago in Nexus: March 30, 2016 issue

March 30, 2016 by Greg Pratt, managing editor

The man in the window safe at last: The puzzling saga of a cardboard cut-out that went missing from Camosun’s A/V department in January of 1991 came to a conclusion in our April 2, 1991 issue. The piece “Man in window makes appearance at Interurban” detailed how Interurban maintenance worker Alan Perry found Cam Olsun, the cardboard cut-out known as “the man in the window,” in a garbage bag in a mechanical room in the Jack White Building. “When I looked inside I couldn’t believe it,” said Perry in the story. “There was Cam. I asked if he was alright, but he was speechless.” Although Cam was found unharmed, the search for his captors, who demanded—among other things—parking fees at Camosun be eliminated for Cam’s safe return, continued.

They didn’t get it: The story “Council discusses paper takeover in ‘joke’ motion” talked about how the University of British Columbia’s student council took offense at an April Fool’s Day joke article published by the UBC student newspaper The Ubyssey. The story said that students could get GST credit on tuition payments. To retaliate against the joke story, the council members put forward a “joke” motion to fire the paper’s editors.

Has it gotten simpler?: The story “Refugees’ families want to come to Canada” talked about a struggle which is perhaps more relevant in 2016 than ever: struggles with and delays in the system for refugees and their families who want to come to Canada. “The government should do everything possible,” said Rivka Augenfeld, president of Table de concertation de Montréal pour les réfugiés, “to allow these families to come forward in the simplest possible way.”

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