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Open Space: Keep obscenity out of the classroom

March 30, 2016 by Carlos Suarez Rubio, contributing writer

Liberalism, for many people, is interpreted as “liberty.” And, yes, indeed: the Liberals in Canada are known for respecting and protecting our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Liberal party have also been well known for opening this country’s doors to many immigrants and making our mighty country so diverse.

This story originally appeared in our March 30, 2016 issue.

However, I don’t intend to tell you something here that you may know by now; instead, I want to encourage you on how to help our Canadian society work for a better future.

Living and sharing among all you Canadians and counting myself as one loyal and faithful to Canada, I have come to observe that there are things that we as youth must correct.

During my previous semester at Camosun I was able to observe a photographic exposition about the human body. The Canadian Criminal Code says that if the public good is served by these pictures it’s not against the law, but I have one question: for the good of how many people did this picture serve?

The Code also talks about exploitation of sex; this can be defined in many ways. After all, that is what we as scholars and students are here to do.

I am not here to find anyone guilty of an offence but to teach you that if you get caught up in freedom of expression and allow obscenity in our college, then we are losing respect for other members of society and bringing unhealthy habits to our Canadian society.

I encourage you to first love yourself and to love others, to show respect for the morals and values of others, and to become a better version of yourself.

Don’t conform to the things of this world, and be all you can be.

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