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News Briefs: July 13, 2016 issue

July 13, 2016 by Adam Marsh, Student Editor

Camosun gets money for women in trades

Camosun College has received $300,000 from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation to increase the number of women in trades programs. According to a press release, Camosun currently has 144 women enrolled in trades and is aiming to increase that number to 500 by 2020 with the money. See our full story here.

New manual for post-secondary board members 

A new orientation manual has been administered to the boards of all public universities and colleges in BC. The manual addresses key issues for continuing education in the province, such as the structures that lead to decision-making in government, and the Ministry of Advanced Education’s agenda. The guide can be used to view the Ministry’s priorities, hold appointed members accountable to government policy, and view the roles and responsibilities of those in power.

CRD gives grants for low-income housing 

The Capital Regional District board is awarding three Regional Housing Trust Fund grants in an effort to aid the Victoria Native Friendship Centre Society, the Greater Victoria Housing Society, and the Greater Victoria Rental Development Society in building low-income rental housing throughout the region. The three grants total $1,029,300.

This story originally appeared in our July 13, 2016 issue.

This story originally appeared in our July 13, 2016 issue.

Arts funding for Victoria 

The Capital Regional District (CRD) Arts Committee recently announced that they will be distributing $94,810 in grants to 23 arts organizations within the capital region. CRD Arts Committee chair Collin Plant said in a press release that citizens will be able to indulge in “a wide range of arts events and activities” because of the grants.

Students to get Highway of Tears transport  

The Highway of Tears between Prince Rupert and Prince George—which has been involved in 30 of the 1,200 cases of missing and murdered indigenous women in BC—is about to get provincial bus service. The British Columbia Federation of Students is applauding the decision, noting that many students take classes at institutions along the highway and that people are often forced to hitchhike due to lack of public transportation.

Our water is damn fresh! 

A recent Capital Regional District (CRD) report says that, once again, Victoria’s regional drinking water is of outstanding quality. The CRD includes a water-quality monitoring program as part of its filtering system that brings Victorians the clean water we consume.

Tough times for shipyard workers

250 workers have been laid off at Victoria Shipyards as a result of the end of a five-year federal contract. The Esquimalt Graving Dock has also shut down until September. Seaspan Shipyards CEO Jonathan Whitworth told the Times Colonist that there are still 250 to 300 people working on submarines and 100 office workers employed at Victoria Shipyards.

Volunteers wanted

Recreation Integration Victoria wants volunteers to help people with disabilities get more involved in their communities. Email for more information.

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