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Camosun Chargers golfers swing for the greens

October 5, 2016 by Adam Boyle, staff writer

Update: After this story went to press, the Chargers golf team finished in first place in the PACWEST standings. The first-place finish is their second consecutive PACWEST title. They will go to the nationals in PEI later this month.

The Camosun Chargers golf team had a great season last year, and they’re looking to repeat their success this season.

Chargers golf head coach John Randle says the skill is all there and that this team has the potential to have another great year, although he’s honest in admitting that there are always challenges ahead.

“It’s a new team with new struggles,” Randle says. “We lost some great players this year, but other guys have really started to step up to the plate.”

Randle is a veteran of professional golf himself; he says that his experience in the pro circuit helps to keep a strong trust-filled relationship alive between him and his players.

The Camosun Chargers golf team have their sights set on another strong season this year (photo by Kevin Light).

The Camosun Chargers golf team have their sights set on another strong season this year (photo by Kevin Light).

“I haven’t really run into any issues with players,” he says. “I think that my history in golf commands a respect between the students and me.”

With the team currently standing at first place in the Pacific Western Athletic Association (PACWEST) conference standings, the Chargers look to be in form and on track for another fantastic finish to the year.

Matt Matheson is one of the players keeping the team in good shape; Matheson and three of his teammates—Mac Keats, Scott Merriam, and Jeff Riches—are all currently in PACWEST’s top 10 men’s league leaders. Matheson says that he was feeling great coming into the season.

“We lost two great players, but knowing that all the guys from last year’s national winning team were coming back was great,” says Matheson. “We have a solid team, and I like our chances of repeating.”

Of course, with any sport or extracurricular activity, juggling academics is always a tricky task, but Matheson says that it’s not quite as difficult with golf as it is with other sports.

“It’s a bit of a challenge, but since our season is short, it’s not too bad to juggle all my responsibilities,” he says. “I just need to make sure I leave time to finish my schoolwork.”

Randle says that he’s happy with the current form of much of the team and is looking forward to things getting even better for the Chargers golfers.

“We’re seeing players already in form keeping scores low and playing well,” he says. “A few more are shaping up to be in form, and when they get there, we will have a great team on our hands.”

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