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Victoria’s Horror Escape offers frightful challenges for the season

October 21, 2016 by Mason Hendrix, contributing writer

As we enter the Saunders family home, we’re told that their daughter, Elsa, had recently been showing signs of demonic possession. My partner Harris and I are informed that we are being sent in to investigate the strange events that have taken place and that we are the last hope that the family has.

Frights await at Victoria's Horror Escape (photo provided).

Frights await at Victoria’s Horror Escape (photo provided).

The door closes behind us, and we find ourselves in a dark hallway. We find another door, which is padlocked shut. We need to find the key to the lock, and we need to do it fast, as we only have 45 minutes to escape the house. After much panicked teamwork and confusion, we finally crack the code and continue on.

We stumble into Elsa’s room, which is dark and terrifying. The next door has an electronic lock, which allows only three tries for the password before locking us in. Harris begins investigating near Elsa’s nightstand while I look for clues throughout the room. The atmosphere in the house is like a horror flick; we truly feel frightened and have an urgency to escape.

We scramble to figure out the code for the lock while being deeply immersed in the situation unfolding around us. With less than five minutes left, we enter what we think is the correct password to the exit but the door remains closed. Perplexed by this, we regroup and search the house once again for clues. With time running out, Harris desperately tries to enter the code once again, but to no avail. With time running out, we try one final, desperate attempt at the password.

The door remains closed.

We have failed, although we find solace in the fact that we have at least made it this far.

This was my experience at Victoria’s Horror Escape; I would recommend it to anyone looking for a frightening challenge. It’s the perfect Halloween activity for friends or family, and the teamwork aspect is wonderful. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of these challenges; you just may not escape.

Horror Escape
$20, 523 Broughton Street

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