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25 Years Ago in Nexus: November 30, 2016 issue

November 30, 2016 by Greg Pratt, managing editor

nexus-2-7-cover-for-webInteresting culinary twist: The ongoing saga of dishes going missing from the Lansdowne cafeteria 25 years ago—which ended with the caf bringing back disposable dishware—wasn’t just because of students taking the plastic dishes, it turns out. In our November 25, 1991 issue, Camosun Food Services Advisory Committee chairperson Beryl Hastings said that he “frequently saw Beaver Foods’ dishes in staff rooms.” “It’s not just students,” Hastings told us. “It’s staff.”

Wise words for 2016: If, after scrolling through your Facebook news feed, you’re feeling like everyone is hysterical these days, well, yeah, it’s true. But it was true back in 1991 as well, prompting our writer Gavin Andrews to note in his editorial in this issue that if everyone could tone back their over-the-top opinions for a minute and if people were willing to “meet halfway, feet on firm ground,” things could be going a lot smoother. It’s not too late to heed Andrews’ sage advice, you know…

Why doesn’t anyone use these anymore?: The classifieds section of any old newspaper is a very good way to get a read on the pulse of the times. For example, in this issue: “Super single waveless waterbed. Wood frame. $100 firm or will trade for daybed.” I don’t even know what a daybed is, but I do like being reminded every now and then that waterbeds used to be a thing that people actually slept on.

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