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25 Years Ago in Nexus: January 18, 2017 issue

January 18, 2017 by Greg Pratt, managing editor

Former Camosun student involved in manslaughter, fraud: Stories like this don’t come along too often, and that’s a good thing: our January 20, 1992 issue talked about the case of a former Camosun student who had allegedly murdered someone, dumped their body into Telegraph Cove, and then assumed their identity to drain their bank accounts. When police attempted to find the student, the student flew to Hong Kong, where his multi-millionaire father lived. The student refused to return to Canada to explain his actions, the story explains, but eventually did return to Duncan to visit a friend. The friend called the cops on him, and they arrested him while he was sleeping in the guest room.

Straight to hell: The S’No Man’s Opinion column in this issue, written by, ahem, “Alakson Snow,” went off the rails about the state of the music industry: “The record industry has turned our once male-dominated civilization into a virtual cornucopia of angst-ridden rap rhythms that are flowing in a generically clad express lane straight into the gates of hell.” Well, it took about 15 years after this column saw print, but, yes, the music biz did drive straight into hell, and it struggles to survive to this day.

Anything to make parking better: We talked to Camosun students in this issue about parking issues at the college. Of course, no one was happy, but what isn’t as obvious is what student Jason Crockett told us: “I feel that parking could be a lot better than it is,” he said, adding, inexplicably, “Maybe some sort of sci-fi way of getting here.”

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