Saturday, February 24, 2018

25 Years Ago in Nexus: February 15, 2017 issue

February 15, 2017 by Greg Pratt, managing editor

Clip-art catastrophe: The story “Lead in Carey water exceeds acceptable limits” in our February 17, 1992 issue talked about how water in the now-defunct Camosun Carey Road campus had lead concentrations that were higher than they should have been. That’s no surprise for buildings of a certain vintage, but what was surprising was our rather tactless and most certainly puzzling decision to adorn the story with images of clip-art skull and crossbones. Clip art! This is offensive on a few levels, not the least of which involves looking at it from a design perspective. Sorry ’bout that.

Wha…?: The Camosun College Business Network had a humorous column of sorts published this issue called “15 ways to deal with stress.” Amongst the silly ideas was number 9, which was probably not the funniest thing ever printed in our inky pages: “Leaf through National Geographic and draw underwear on the natives.” Sure thing.

Camosun College fever: Letter-writer Yvonne M. Bob wrote in this issue to state she had a problem with student clubs raffling off bottles of alcohol on campus. She said it was problematic, as some students may have drinking problems and she had a friend die due to a drunk driver. Still, as serious as the letter is, the last line is a funny one: “Raffling off a booze bottle in the 1990s is about as in touch with the times as coming to school wearing disco pants.”

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