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Camosun College Student Society April student election results in

April 7, 2017 by Adam Marsh, student editor

The Camosun College Student Society (CCSS) had three times the amount of students vote in their recent student election, which took place from April 3 to 5, compared to their average turnout. 1,223 students voted out of 9,369 currently registered at Camosun, a voter turnout much larger than the CCSS average of approximately 400.

The utilization of online voting for the first time ever for the CCSS (see our story here) may have been the reason for the higher turnout.

Rachael Grant has been re-elected as the CCSS external executive, Luke Mione got in as the CCSS Lansdowne executive, while Dana Campbell is the Interurban executive.

Wyatt Matthews got elected as the CCSS finance executive, and Karen Kanoga is now the CCSS international director. Solomon Lindsay, who was recently interviewed by Nexus for his extra-curricular community activities, is the new CCSS sustainability director.

Chris Smithson is now the CCSS pride director and Srijani Nath is the CCSS women’s director. Melanie Winter was elected the CCSS students with disabilities director; Winter is also now the Interurban student representative on Camosun College’s board of governors.

The election ballots also had a referendum question, which passed. The question was whether or not students supported a 25 cent per student, per month increase in fees toward the Walk Safer program. 679 students said yes, while 544 said no.

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