Thursday, February 22, 2018

New Music Revue: The Stevens’ new EP decent summer tunes

July 11, 2017 by Jordyn Goodwin, contributing writer

The Stevens
(Chapter Music)

The second album from Melbourne alternative band The Stevens is refreshing and calming and brings a warm feeling to rest in the listener’s chest. It blends into one perfect melody for summer road trips, as well as late-night study sessions.

Opener “Chancer” is a soft and emotional song that found its way onto my personal summer playlist. Its melody is smooth while the lyrics are profound and relatable. The second track, “Grandstands,” is upbeat and vibrant, but a problem surfaces shortly thereafter.

Some of the songs blend together too much, which could, sadly, make the album feel slightly repetitive unless you listen to the lyrics intently.

Thankfully, there are gems throughout the album that make The Stevens’ new music a worthwhile listen. A good song that brings the listener back in is “Furnace Town,” with its change of tempo and tone.

Overall, Good is a promising addition to summer soundtracks.

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