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Comedian Mike Delamont brings Scottish drag-queen God back for sequel

September 5, 2017 by Adam Boyle, staff writer

What started off as a local performance for local comedian Mike Delamont has evolved into a national sensation. Delamont’s new show, God Is a Scottish Drag Queen: The Second Coming, expands on his original one-man show, God Is a Scottish Drag Queen. Through humour, Delamont tackles societal issues in the performance, although he says the show isn’t attacking anyone.

“The show is a one-man show starring God and what the world looks like to him,” says Delamont. “The show doesn’t make fun of God at all, but it looks at the funny side of humanity, religion, life, and everything in between. It’s a fun, and hilarious, way to spend an evening.”

Because dealing with social issues can be touchy, some artists shy away from them completely. Delamont enjoys being in the middle of it all and being able to put a smile on people’s faces; he says social issues are “prime market” for material.

Mike Delamont’s show God Is a Scottish Drag Queen: The Second Coming tackles societal issues through humour (photo provided).

“Anything that people have really strong opinions in is always an interesting jumping-off point for comedy,” he says. “I am an atheist and I don’t have strong political views, but I enjoy being a devil’s advocate for all of it. It’s amazing when somebody looks at something one way for so long and you can point out something they’ve missed the whole time.”

Delamont has been able to perform in larger venues around North America, but, as a Victoria local, he’s glad that he gets to premiere something here for once.

“The character was created in Victoria and it’s sold out every show it’s ever played here,” he says. “For the last few years I’ve been able to tour North America playing much larger venues. I’m excited to bring what I do in other cities home for people here to see. I workshop my shows in Victoria, but rarely do I get the opportunity to bring the final product here. And it’s the premiere, so that makes it extra special.”

Of course, being on the road all the time can be hard. Stress, exhaustion, and loneliness set in and can wear anyone down. Delamont is no exception to this and says that he’s learned from what he’s been through.

“I spend a huge amount of time on the road,” he says. “The stress gets high and I miss out on a lot of things. I miss family events, and I hate being away from my wife. A few years ago, I was on tour for 70 days straight—34 shows in 16 cities and two countries. I was exhausted and burned out; I hated it. I make sure I don’t make those mistakes anymore.”

But with the lows come the highs; Delamont doesn’t have to live a normal life, and he knows it.

“I’ve had some great highlights from being on Just For Laughs [comedy festival], recording my first stand-up special for TV last summer at the Royal Theatre, and just this month I released my debut comedy album on iTunes—all really cool things. Any day that I don’t have to go out and get a regular job is a career highlight for me.”

God Is a Scottish Drag Queen: The Second Coming
7:30 pm Saturday, September 16
$22.75 (student tickets),
UVic Farquhar Auditorium

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