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Know Your Profs: Camosun sheet metal instructor Brian Coey keeps busy

September 20, 2017 by Adam Boyle, staff writer

Know Your Profs is an ongoing series of profiles on the instructors at Camosun College. Every issue we ask a different instructor at Camosun the same 10 questions in an attempt to get to know them a little better.

Do you have an instructor that you want to see interviewed in the paper? Maybe you want to know more about one of your teachers, but you’re too busy—or shy—to ask? Email and we’ll be happy to add your instructor to our list of teachers to talk to.

This issue, we talked to Camosun sheet metal instructor Brian Coey about being open with his students, staying active, and observing recent growth in the trades industry.

1.What do you teach and how long have you been at Camosun?

Sheet metal, six years.

Camosun sheet metal instructor Brian Coey (photo by Adam Marsh/Nexus).

2. What do you personally get out of teaching?

Money and summers off (laughs). Just kidding. I have a great sense of pride to be a teacher. I am proud of my students when they are successful and achieve their goals, and I am proud when they overcome struggles and obstacles. I love to see the students do well.

3. What’s one thing you wish your students knew about you?

That I truly love my job, although it probably doesn’t always seem that way. I really enjoy working with students and helping them succeed.

4. What’s one thing you wish they didn’t know about you?

I’m pretty open with my students, so I’m not sure if there is anything…

5. What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you as a teacher here?

I had a student go to the national level in Skills Canada a couple of years ago, and that was pretty cool. So many great things have happened for me here.

6. What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you as a teacher here?

Having my friend and colleague Ken MacDonald pass away early this year. Ken was also my instructor when I went to school here at Camosun.

7. What do you see in the future of post-secondary education?

Well, in my area of trades, nothing but growth. The industry is very busy right now, and it shows with the influx of students we have seen lately. The trades are a great opportunity for people to get a well-paying and secure job, and I think that is reflected in post-secondary education.

8. What do you do to relax on the weekends?

I do woodworking, and I also enjoy gardening. I also like to camp and hang out with my family. I don’t do a lot of sitting around; I like to keep busy either working around the house or restoring things.

9. What is your favourite meal?


10. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Being late. I don’t like to be late myself, and I get really annoyed when my students are late.

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