Saturday, February 24, 2018

New Music Revue: Neil Young’s Hitchhiker brings peace to a chaotic world

September 20, 2017 by Adam Marsh, student editor

Neil Young
(Reprise Records)

Listening to Neil Young’s Hitchhiker—recorded in a single session in 1976—is a pure, tranquil way to spend a rainy afternoon. Some songs, such as “Human Highway,” have been on other albums, while others have remained unheard, except for the occasional live performance, for decades.

When these songs are compiled into an album, they are as soothing as Young’s most relaxing material is, but perhaps they’re too soothing at times. They’re good for the soul, but unlike, for example, 1970’s After the Gold Rush, there are times throughout this album where it’s a little too bland. But the heartfelt melodies in “The Old Country Waltz,” combined with some noteworthy harmonies, make this a good artistic endeavour.

This moving album will make the listener pause and breathe if they play it during rush hour and will make the listener appreciate the falling swirl of leaves they see just past the traffic. It could just do with a little more variety at times, which Young has proven himself capable of.

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