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25 Years Ago in Nexus: October 4, 2017 issue

October 4, 2017 by Greg Pratt, managing editor

You should have seen the men’s: Our October 5, 1992 issue had a letter from Camosun student Shelley Evans bemoaning the state of the women’s bathrooms. “Rolls of toilet tissue were strewn haphazardly over the floor leaving nothing resembling paper to be had… The counters were thick with floating debris and dripping onto a sopping heap of rubbish producing an ever increasing mess of paper mache solution.” Ouch. But she wasn’t done there, ending off by saying this about the bathroom users: “If this is how they act in a public setting, I’d hate to see what they do in the privacy of their own cave.”

Denim love blooms: Those following the classified-section saga of Levi Guy and L.B. will be happy to know that in this issue, L.B. replied to Levi Guy, saying, “Let’s meet in the caf on Tuesday at lunch. Payment is inevitable—but terms are negotiable.” Oh, my.

Sugar ain’t so sweet: A review of a concert by Vancouver punk heavies Tank Hog, written by Jono McGee (who astute readers will recognize as being the guitarist for Celtic punkers The Real McKenzies), tells the tale of a night that just gets worse and worse. The concert was at the Kaktus Bird Cabaret (today, the building houses Sugar Nightclub), and not only did it start hours late, but rain leaked through the roof onto the stage, almost electrocuting opening band Stone Face. The show was called off early because of the water, not that it mattered: Tank Hog didn’t show up anyway. (Note: this could be a review of any number of early-’90s punk rock shows in Victoria.)

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