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25 Years Ago in Nexus: October 18, 2017 issue

October 18, 2017 by Greg Pratt, managing editor

Levi Guy’s romance continues: If you’ve been reading this column for the past few issues, you know all about the Levi Guy romance (if not, head over to and scan our last few issues to figure out what we’re talking about). I’m very happy to report that the meeting in the caf was a hit! Levi Guy wrote in to our classifieds in our October 19, 1992 issue to say: “L.B. The java gave me a buzz but meeting with you was far more stimulating. See you at the dance on Sat.” Check back in with this column next issue to see if there’s more to this incredible tale, which, might I remind you, started off with the phrase “tight Levis.”

CCSS impeachment saga continues: Alongside Levi Guy, another ongoing tale of 1992 involved impeached Camosun College Student Society (CCSS) director of campus communications Eugene Evans. We reported in this issue that, amazingly, Evans was re-running for the same position in the student society elections. Apparently, he met the CCSS requirements of being a Camosun student by signing up to audit an English 150 class the day before nominations closed. Well played, Evans.

Wise words: In the opinion piece “Is money everything?” writer Mike Rhodes wondered why society had become so obsessed with chasing the almighty dollar. Rhodes said that “our faith in money is leading us all to self-destruction.” Words to consider, then and now.

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