Saturday, February 24, 2018

25 Years Ago in Nexus: November 15, 2017 issue

November 15, 2017 by Greg Pratt, managing editor

Fire hits Interurban: Our November 16, 1992 issue had a story about a fire that destroyed the carpentry shop in Interurban’s Drysdale Building. The fire happened in the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 4, and, unfortunately, firefighters didn’t get to the scene as quickly as they could have, as the alarm that went off alerted them to the Ewing Building on Interurban Road… which doesn’t exist. Firefighters came to the Ewing Building, located at Camosun’s Lansdowne campus, before going to Interurban, where they took care of the fire. The cost of the damages was $1.5 million.

Going green, even back then: Everyone says they were a forerunner in green initiatives, but it’s safe to say Camosun was doing pretty good pretty early on, as a story in this issue proves. In the piece “Camosun wins green awards,” writer Jennifer Adsett talked about how the college had recently won two awards for environmental initiatives: the 1992 Go Green Air Quality award and the BC Hydro PowerSmart award. Of course, here in 2017, the words “BC,” “Hydro,” and “smart” make every single resident of BC shudder, but that’s a whole other story for a whole other time.

Sexual harassment advisors re-funded: The college was also leading the way in student safety, although it was a close call: this issue’s story “Funding restored to sexual harassment advisors” was about how Camosun’s sexual harassment advisors were relieved to have their funding back after a brief period of worry that they would have to shut the service down due to that funding being taken away. “We feel completely supported by administration, especially in this time of limited resources,” said coordinator of sexual harassment advisors Marilyn Bowker, a quote that made us ponder the grim question: when it the last 25 years has it not been a time of “limited resources”?

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