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Bengal kittens, illegal housing, and Chris Hadfield: Nexus staff look back on 2017

December 7, 2017 by Nexus staff

As is our tradition around these parts, we thought we’d take a quick minute and pick the Nexus staffers’ brains about the year that is coming to a close. Through their five best anythings of 2017 and one thing they don’t want to see in 2018, you can get a glimpse of what kind of year it was. From weird to fantastic, from rewarding to humbling, let’s take a look back at the year that’s ending before we charge headfirst into the year that’s waiting for us.

A sampling of some of our covers this year (photo by Greg Pratt/Nexus).

Adam Boyle, staff writer

1) Getting another Bengal kitten

2) Visiting an esports tournament

3) Travelling a lot

4) Catching up on years of lost sleep

5) Floor seats for Depeche Mode

One thing I don’t want to see in 2018:

More of human society going backwards

Adam Marsh, student editor

1) Interviewing Chris Hadfield and John Horgan for Nexus

2) Cheap breakfast hashbrowns from the Lansdowne Camosun caf

3) Training new Nexus volunteers

4) Watching Greg [Pratt, Nexus managing editor] swear at the Nexus computer server as he blows compressed air on it

5) Writing stories about national and provincial student organizations to try to keep better track of where Camosun students’ money is going

One thing I don’t want to see in 2018:

Donald Trump laying off the bronzer. Keep looking like a goof!

Greg Pratt, managing editor

1) The new look of Nexus’ front covers

2) Finally getting to explore the tunnels under the Lansdowne campus

3) Telling our student editor to go into a time warp for a story and telling our features writer to find a portal to Hell for the same story; somehow, having neither of them quit right then and there

4) Building up a new BMX flatland bike

5) Having people tell me what Nexus is doing is important for Camosun students; it never stops being one of the most rewarding things to hear

One thing I don’t want to see in 2018:

Organizations not being transparent to Camosun students about where their student fees are going

Felicia Santarossa, features writer

1) Being the features writer for Nexus

2) Making time for old friends, and spending time with new ones

3) Taking charge hauling Nexus newspapers at CamFest while trying to find our booth

4) Being present in absolutely gorgeous summer and autumn days

5) Building my skills in editing and camera work, and learning about mass media at Camosun

One thing I don’t want to see in 2018:

More people living in illegal housing

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