Thursday, July 18, 2019

25 Years Ago in Nexus: February 20, 2019 issue

February 20, 2019 by Greg Pratt, managing editor

Gettin’ political: We recently published a feature story exploring the lack of student involvement in politics at Camosun; our February 21, 1994 issue proved that there are times when Camosun students are indeed very involved. The story “Women’s march not just a second wave of feminism” reported on a protest where students marched through Lansdowne campus drawing attention to issues of sexism, as well as concerns around NAFTA, then very much a hot-button issue for students.

This still happens, and it’s annoying: Yvonne Harris wrote a letter to the editor this issue complaining about able-bodied students using the access button on doorways so they don’t have to open the doors themselves. Harris said that she had already seen maintenance people working on these doors this semester, and said that “surely this access for the disabled is not intended for use every 20 seconds.” She ended the letter with “In politest terms: How effen lazy can you get!?” Agreed.

Auto awesomeness: Writer Shelley Evans wrote a humourous ode to her car in the Excrementia Factorum column this issue. It included a list of what makes her car great: “My seat and headrest are stained from baby puke,” “The heater smells like burnt rubber when the lights are on and anti-freeze when the lights don’t work,” “It hasn’t got an antenna and only plays C-FAX,” etc. She ends off with a resigned sentiment we can all relate to: “I will continue to dole out hundreds of dollars to ICBC to keep this driving experience alive,” she said, before adding, “and to keep off the public transit system.” Ouch.

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