Thursday, July 18, 2019

Communication Error: Monotony-induced paralysis

February 20, 2019 by Nate Downe, contributing writer

Slipping without squeezing—and dying without living. Hearts beat without your consent, planets continue to spin without your knowledge, and the McPeople populating this giant value meal will never remember your name. So why, then, am I still watering this plant? If it all ends, and you’re not invited to the reopening, should the day matter?

If the sunsets aren’t just for us, how is it then that we care so little as to wake early enough to steal back the sunrises? We lament the end of the day, but we never celebrate its birth—its beginning. Today is a new day—no, it is the same day repeated, refreshed. The Earth rotates once more, and the plants need you once more, for they care as little about the McPerson’s sour sauce as you should. Instead of dreading the falling sky and sleeping through the repossession of the sunrise, settle on the day that is in between them. 

Communication Error is a column in every issue of Nexus looking at communication issues.

Today is not the today of yesterday, or the today of tomorrow, it is the “becoming” that is all ours. If we regret ever buying the McDay, both cheap and tasteless, then let us no longer walk into the store. No longer shall we use the language that the McPeople use against us. The heartbeat knows no language of McPersons: it is outside their judgment; it does not allow for their communication.

Squeezing precedes slipping; that is, without the need to hold on to life, to know if the planet wants to spin once more, it does not slip away—it is not trying to stay in place, it no longer cares. So, does the day matter? Do we matter to it?

Living consists of dying, and dying of living, but death, death contains neither. But surely death is better than the McLife we wish to return for a refund; unfortunately, there are no refunds, only store credit.

When each sky fall leads us to lament, let us think of our plants. Our plants have many problems, but McProblems aren’t one of them. They need the sun to set, to rise once more, for the Earth to spin again—and for us to water them, for we matter to their day.

We are never outside the days that are always becoming; we are never on one and off the other; we cannot repossess something we never owned, nor can we say it is only for us, as others’ needs are just important as ours. The McView of things may be the most easily available, but do not buy it: the day has refreshed, so water your plant once more. 

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