Friday, August 23, 2019

New Music Revue: The Warhawks craft excellent debut album

May 15, 2019 by Gabby VonKornfeldt, contributing writer

The Warhawks
Never Felt So Good

The Warhawks’ debut LP, Never Felt So Good, makes me want more from this incredibly talented rock and roll band, who consist of three cousins and a long-time friend. And Matt Orlando, John and Pat Bilodeau, and Tom Lipski have crafted a great rock album here, proving why they’ve established themselves as a national radio presence.

The entire album flows like a movie soundtrack in a summer blockbuster—from start to finish it keeps me entertained and engaged. No two songs are the same, and it feels so refreshing to be able to listen to an album without needing to or wanting to skip any song.

With clear influences from punk, garage rock, and indie pop, this rock band has released an album that, after just one listen, lets it be known that it will be enjoyed on repeat.

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