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June 11, 2014

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Tattoo Taboo: Does rebellion still come attached to ink?

June 11, 2014 by Gillian Sellman, contributing writer  
Filed under June 11, 2014, Features

When I got my first visible tattoo, a small, non-offensive piece on the inside of my forearm, I wasn’t expecting any backlash. Tattoos seemed commonplace (the norm, even) and, besides, mine was small and inoffensive. It didn’t take long, though, before a customer at the grocery store where I worked (after repeatedly giving me nasty […]

Astrological Asininity: June 9, 2014 issue

June 9, 2014 by River Rainfall, contributing writer  
Filed under June 11, 2014, Humour

Ugh like whoa, we made it through one month of these long classes but now we’re in another OMG can it please stop? Well here are some fortunes to help you out a bit! Aries: Hairies! Hairy Aries! LOL just kidding, hi Aries! Hope you bought a lotto ticket like I told you to last […]

Zed: Chapter Three

June 9, 2014 by Patrick Hallihan, contributing writer  
Filed under June 11, 2014, Life

[Note: This is part three in a three-part series. Click here to read part one. Click here to read part two.] The following is a theatrical retelling of a Humans vs. Zombies event, hosted by UVic Urban Gaming. During these events, the last of the human race fights off the zombie horde with everything NERF at […]

Politically Speaking: Nobody wants this pipeline, but…

June 9, 2014 by Matthew Helliwell, contributing writer  
Filed under June 11, 2014, Columns

When I say “Northern Gateway,” I can hear you yawning from here. And, as a politics guy, I could let that bother me. But I won’t, because I get it. There has been so much talk about Enbridge’s proposal in the last few years that it really has been beaten to death. In fact, we […]

What’s Going On: June 11 to July 15, 2014: Fine furniture, fine bluegrass, and fine Steve Earle

June 6, 2014 by Samantha Pettifer, contributing writer  
Filed under June 11, 2014, Campus

June 12–24 Fine Furniture grad showcase After 10 gruelling months of hands-on instruction, the 15 students in Camosun’s Fine Furniture and Joinery certificate program are ready to graduate and show off their work to industry professionals and the public. A panel of experts will judge the students’ final projects, with $500 on the line. The […]

Noms!: Bleue Coyote delivers the goods

June 6, 2014 by Patrick Hallihan, contributing writer  
Filed under June 11, 2014, Columns

The Bleue Coyote Bar and Grill serves some quality food with generous portions on the Brentwood Bay strip. A pub-style restaurant found at the corner of Wallace and West Saanich Road, this is one of those places I’ve passed numerous times, but never quite found the time to visit. Too bad: I was missing out. […]

Camosun grad co-founds unique sales outsourcing firm

June 6, 2014 by Greg Pratt, editor-in-chief  
Filed under June 11, 2014, Campus

It seems like everything in the business world that can be outsourced has been outsourced. But a Camosun grad has started up a new company to help local businesses outsource something new: their sales needs. Camosun grad Matt Vaillant and UVic grad Alistair Vigier partnered to form Alpha Sales in April of this year and […]

News Briefs: Camosun students voice concern over ESL cuts, more free online textbooks, and Camosun Business grad does good

June 5, 2014 by Samantha Pettifer, contributing writer  
Filed under June 11, 2014, News

Students voice concerns to MLAs over ESL cuts On May 28, 27 Camosun students and other postsecondary representatives attended the question period at the legislature to discuss the importance of ESL programs in BC. As guests of NDP MLA Jane Shin, the group had the chance to talk about future plans for ESL with other […]

VIC Fest celebrates Lower Island for fourth year

June 5, 2014 by Jason Schreurs, managing editor  
Filed under June 11, 2014, Arts

The Victoria music fan’s calendar is overflowing with music festival choices as more and more of them pop up every summer. But there’s something a bit more special for those locals who attend VIC Fest, celebrating its fourth year in Victoria on June 14. With a combination of bands, DJs, food, drink, and art, VIC […]

Open Space: Mental health no longer a shunned topic

June 5, 2014 by Julianne Daze, contributing writer  
Filed under June 11, 2014, Views

Mental illness is perhaps the least understood, the most highly stigmatized, and the most neglected of all illnesses. Despite recent advances in standardized diagnostic criteria and increasingly well-researched treatments, stigma continues to cloud mental health. If you disagree, Victoria-born Ted Talk presenter Kevin Breel challenges you with this question: “Would you rather make your next […]

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