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March 4, 2015

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The cheque’s no longer in the mail: what will happen to Canada Post as it struggles to remain relevant?

March 4, 2015 by Keagan Hawthorne, contributing writer  
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At Canada Post’s Victoria sorting plant, manager Kevin Pearson strides onto the huge facility floor and says, “This is where it happens.” At 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, “it” means quite a lot. Long, shiny conveyor belts snake from laser-scanning machines into the caverns of trucks and suck up packages of all shapes and sizes. […]

Victoria Beer Week brings more cheers to another year

March 4, 2015 by Gillian Sellman, contributing writer  
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With its abundance of craft breweries, it’s pretty clear that Victoria is a beer-drinking city, so a beer-specific week seems perfectly natural. Enter Victoria Beer Week. “There was a group of us that started meeting, all kinds of different people, but all related to beer,” explains Joe Wiebe, co-founder of the festival and author of […]

What’s Going On: March 4 to 17, 2015

March 4, 2015 by Erin Blondeau, contributing writer  
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Tuesday Evenings Weekly drop-in sports at Interurban Interurban students are on a mission to spread health and wellness. The idea is to give Camosun students opportunities to participate in free/drop-in activities in a safe, inclusive, and social environment. The drop-in sports take place on Tuesdays from 8:30 to 9:30 pm at the PISE Gym at the […]

The Prodigal Planeswalker: Stacking the deck

March 4, 2015 by Andy Chen, Camosun College Magic: The Gathering Club  
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What makes a good 60-card Magic: The Gathering deck? Do you overrun your opponent with your army of middling to strong creatures? Is there an unbeatable combination of cards that, if left unchecked, assures your victory? Or does your strategy involve stalling your opponent’s resources to the point that they resign in defeat or frustration? […]

Ability’s Muse: Finding inspiration in struggle

March 4, 2015 by Andy Chen, Camosun College Students with dis(A)bilities Collective  
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I recently listened to the brilliant dialogues of my fellow colleagues at Camosun’s Conversations Day, an annual event that showcases inspirational stories from the college community. There is no telling what the human spirit can accomplish, and it reminds me that some of us are charged with greatness. I walked away from the event with […]

News Briefs: March 4, 2015 issue

March 4, 2015 by Erin Blondeau, contributing writer  
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Camosun ready for employment boom In a recent press release, Camosun College President Peter Lockie said that by 2020 British Columbia is expected to have over one million new job openings. Lockie explained that 34 percent of those job openings will require at least a college degree, and 44 percent will require college certification. Camosun […]

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