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March 7, 2012

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A surveillance society: 10 things you should know about Bill C-30

May 15, 2012 by Ali Hackett, staff writer  
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[One of our most-read feature stories from this year makes a return appearance in the spotlight, as relevant as ever.] Bill C-30 is the lawful access legislation proposed by current minister of public safety Vic Toews. The bill is also known as the Investigating and Preventing Criminal Electronic Communications Act or Protecting Children from Internet […]

Little Scream makes big noise through her music

March 19, 2012 by Lucas Milroy, contributing writer  
Filed under March 7, 2012, Arts

She’s an American citizen. She was born in Iowa and grew up along the Mississippi River. Years ago, in an act of romance, she moved to Montreal and assumed the moniker Little Scream. Who is this mystery woman? Is she a spy? No, it’s nothing that dramatic. Little Scream is the stage name of Montreal-based […]

Comics: March 7, 2012 issue

March 13, 2012 by Ken MacKenzie, Libby Hopkinson  
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Green Your World: Conference shreds gnar

March 7, 2012 by Luke Kozlowski, Camosun Students for Environmental Awareness  
Filed under March 7, 2012, Columns

The recent Western Canadian Sustainable Campuses Conference at Simon Fraser University was pretty much the most inspiring thing ever. The 12th annual conference was a four-day affair involving a wide array of panel discussions and workshops including international climate policy, effective campaign building, and everything in between. All of the presenters were environmental professionals in […]

What’s Up With Her?: Women for show and tell

March 7, 2012 by Chantal Kyffin, Camosun College Women's Centre  
Filed under March 7, 2012, Columns

The media is an inescapable source of influence and information in our society. Women can barely catch a break from highly sexualized images of other women that are supposed to represent what every woman should aspire to be. The images of emaciated models strewn across fashion magazines and female celebrities being idolized or put down […]

In Search of Lost Time: Hugs for everyone

March 7, 2012 by Daphne Crossman, Camosun College Pride Centre  
Filed under March 7, 2012, Columns

It’s a necessity of the human condition to seek physical bonds with others. It can be hard to find and satisfy these needs, especially in a society that promotes hypersexual ideals with the ultimate reward being penetrative intercourse or orgasm, where encounters that lead to less than the hegemonic conclusion to a rendezvous are seen […]

Show goes down the rabbit hole

March 7, 2012 by Thom McMahon, contributing writer  
Filed under March 7, 2012, Arts

The death of a child, the earth-shattering event that the play Rabbit Hole is centered around, is like a deep cut to the soul: it changes everything life could have been and keeps thoughts and dreams tethered underground. But Sylvia Rhodes, director of Langham Court Theatre’s production of the bittersweet Pulitzer Prize-winning play, is concerned […]

Sampson, storyteller

March 7, 2012 by Dan Darling, contributing writer  
Filed under March 7, 2012, Arts

John K. Samson is the highly praised singer and lyricist for Manitoba-based rockers the Weakerthans. The release of his first solo album, Provincial, coincides with the release of his first book, Lyrics and Poems 1997-2012 (Arbeiter Ring Publishing). Long recognized as a stellar songwriter, Samson takes us through the lyrical years from the Weakerthans’ first […]

Open Space: Camosun too smokin’

March 7, 2012 by Jean Oliver, contributing writer  
Filed under March 7, 2012, Views

Camosun students who use Ewing 100 at the Lansdowne campus for classes and labs should get free gas masks upon registration. It’s the only way to survive the smoke that gets sucked in through the doors and windows. The levels of secondhand smoke around the designated smoking areas have impacted the routes I take to […]

Local, Live, and Loud: March 7-20

March 7, 2012 by Adam Price, contributing writer  
Filed under March 7, 2012, Arts

Thursday, March 8 Tower of Dudes, Dave Lang and the Black Squirrels The Fort Cafe, $5, 9 pm Come celebrate International Women’s Day with a tower of dudes. No irony here, purely literal. Purely literal, swampy, washboard, folky-rock goodness. Friday, March 16 Veviter, Bonehoof, Iceberg Ferg Logan’s Pub, $14, 9:30 pm I could go and […]

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