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October 5, 2016

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Open Space: Government needs to stop valuing pipelines over treaties

October 5, 2016 by Mason Hendrix, contributing writer  
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When a government enacts a treaty with a First Nations tribe and then turns around and breaks that treaty, it’s swept under the rug with justifications or bribes, and it’s time for that to stop. I can’t help but notice striking parallels between the fiasco in North Dakota, which is centred around the construction of […]

Camosun Chargers golfers swing for the greens

October 5, 2016 by Adam Boyle, staff writer  
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Update: After this story went to press, the Chargers golf team finished in first place in the PACWEST standings. The first-place finish is their second consecutive PACWEST title. They will go to the nationals in PEI later this month. The Camosun Chargers golf team had a great season last year, and they’re looking to repeat […]

Open Space: Make social media social again

October 5, 2016 by Tyler McCulloch, contributing writer  
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As metal machines of death impatiently rage on to nowhere in an age of isolation and self-loathing, phones have become gods; the screen is the messiah’s call. The outside world is just so mundane. Yawn as your brain splatters, and with your last breath be sure to take a selfie; the blood in your hair […]

Calculated Thought: Student tax changes afoot

October 5, 2016 by Sean Annable, contributing writer  
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Students who are inclined to save will feel the crunch from recent changes to federal student benefits. The education and textbook tax credits save working students up to $558 per year. Analysts argue that this doesn’t help students who may not be able to afford the up-front costs of post-secondary education (you have to wait […]

Kirsten Van Ritzen returns for another round of Sin City

October 5, 2016 by Mason Hendrix, contributing writer  
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Actress/comedian Kirsten Van Ritzen has starred in a plethora of plays, acted in television commercials, and toured with a live theatre troupe. But Victorians most likely know her as the creator of and actress in her own live theatre improv show, Sin City. Van Ritzen and her partner moved to Victoria in late 2010; just […]

New Music Revue: Fatal Jamz deliver catchy glam-pop on Coverboy

October 5, 2016 by Patrick Newman, contributing writer  
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Fatal Jamz Coverboy (Lollipop Records) 3.5/5 Even if Fatal Jamz’ lead singer Marion Belle and his previous outfit Bowery Beasts are all completely new to you (like they were to me), you’ll swear you’ve heard their catchy glam-pop hooks and ’80s keyboards before. However, this is Fatal Jamz’ first full-length, having only released two EPs […]

To See or Not to See: The World’s End wide awake and wonderful

October 5, 2016 by Finlay Pogue, contributing writer  
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The World’s End (2013) 4/5 Edgar Wright has made a name for himself by making razor-sharp, tightly wound comedies that do what most comedies of late don’t do: make us laugh. (And, at the risk of being branded an old fogey, I’ll say that Wright achieves this in a much cleaner, more civilized manner than […]

Smith vs. Smith: October 5, 2016 issue

October 5, 2016 by Matt Smith, contributing writer  
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New Music Revue: Devin Townsend Project transcend genres

October 5, 2016 by Jordyn Goodwin, contributing writer  
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Devin Townsend Project Transcendence (New Damage Records) 4/5 The Devin Townsend Project is a five-piece metal band—led by Townsend, of Strapping Young Lad—from Vancouver. Transcendence is the group’s seventh album and has a very diverse array of songs, ranging from metal tracks to tunes with an almost-mystical ambience. A handful of songs on the album […]

Camosun resident artist captures time and culture in her work

October 5, 2016 by Adam Marsh, student editor   
Filed under October 5, 2016, Arts

Megan Quigley graduated from Camosun’s Visual Arts program last year and is now bringing her skills back to campus through Camosun’s Van den Brink residency. The residency allows a graduate from the last three years of the Camosun Visual Arts department to work on a project for two months with access to the college’s art […]

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